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7 Reasons to Invest in RV Parks in 2024

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What We Do

What we do

Capital Growth Through RV Park Development

We believe having the ability to passively grow your hard earned savings results in Freedom and Opportunity! Freedom to enjoy life when, where and how you want, and the opportunity to enact this freedom. For us this means being able to take exciting vacations, enjoying the best culinary experiences, providing our kids with excellent education, and looking after the whole family with the best medical care. We hope this rings true for you too!

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Investment Strategy

Investment strategy


This first phase sets up the whole investment, including operational efficiency and exit returns for investors.

We spend many months researching and visiting locations to source the most ideal land, performing market analysis, professional due diligence, going through civil engineering, design, permitting, and actual construction.

Construction not only leverages our years of ground-up projects but ability to bring together a top team from contracts attorney, architects, engineers, through suppliers, QA/QC, latest high-tech & amenities, and energy efficiency expertise.  


Operating the RV park asset is a very important phase in delivering the best exit for investors, as pricing is determined by CAP rate. I.e. a multiple on net operating profit. New construction is superior to value-add on both sides of the income minus expenses equation; we can command the highest rents and drive the most efficiencies (warranties on construction and appliances, least maintenance, energy efficiency, etc).

We oversee operations but employ highly experienced management teams for day to day running and leasing functions. Yes we even analyze competitor reviews to understand issues and mitigate.


We structure the refi after 1 year of stabilization. This strategy strategy enables us to deliver predictable returns to our investors. Full staffing is in place prior to stabilization with as needed oversight.

Our goals of maximizing investor returns and customer satisfaction remain in focus from project initiation, operation through to exit.

About Us

About Us

Derick Zurcher

Partner, Key Principal

  • Oversees investor relations, strategic planning, acquisition, construction, operations functions

  • More than 25 years of multi-faceted real estate experience with rentals, ground-up construction, value-add multifamily (DKZ Properties)

  • Senior oil industry veteran, operations, management (Baker Hughes, Halliburton)

  • MBA London Business School, BSc, MSc Geology & Geophysics Uni of SA & Adelaide



"I have worked with DKZ Properties (sister company) on a construction project, followed their development in Spring Branch and been a private investor on a project in Montrose. I am always impressed with his vision, honesty and work ethic. Where is the next deal?“

Former CREN President & Real Estate Broker - Investor

Russell Simmons

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